Thursday, March 1, 2012

Blast from the past

My sweet boy that left almost 4 months ago used to ask me to sing to him at bed time. Every night I would sing to him and he would laugh hysterically at me. This little man was my tough guy...... a tough guy with a huge heart! That sweet boy will forever have a piece of my heart. And that sweet giggle will be etched in my mind.

From the beginning. In March of 2011 my family moved from Iowa to South Florida to care for sweet kids while they are in the foster care system. When we arrived we had 12 kids in our home. Today we have 5 of those original 12. We have been so blessed to be able to be a part of these little ones lives.

Amazing people and crazy people here in South Florida!  We are blessed to work with some amazing women! We see them as family and they bring joy to our home.

Common sense. Common sense is fairly common in Iowa, not so much here in South Florida. Example: today I had someone knock on my door and ask for a child that was in school. She had her sister, that she picked up from school- the SAME school that her sister attends. When asked why she didn't pick them BOTH up, like usual, she didn't really have a response except one of us would have to go get the other child from the school she was JUST at. I would like to say this kind of stuff is rare but sadly it's a daily thing.

Communication. I've always had good communication with people, at least I think I have. After coming here I questioned whether I had ANY communication skills! But after talking to others I found I wasn't the only one having these troubles. Well I was called a gossip for asking if others were having trouble with communication. I'm trying to deal with this with a good attitude, a positive attitude. Being positive doesn't come naturally to me.

Communication. Have you ever had a school communicate to you the night before a concert on what to have the children wear? yeah, that was new to me.  oh but wait, they call the morning of the concert and tell you to not wear what they said last night! To wear the exact opposite. Confusing!

Overall our home runs amazingly smooth, with amazing little ones learning, growing and amazing us.  I would like to use this blog to document the funny, smart and wonderful things that the kids say and do. Seeing the kids have light bulb moments have been so worth all the craziness that goes on outside of our home.

We appreciate your prayers, there are many things we need prayer for that will never be published but we serve an amazing God that uses all things for His glory!

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  1. Oh goodness- I probably couldn't stand dealing with situations like those; no patience for lack of common sense, etc.! But I'm sure God gives you just what you need Sarah!