Wednesday, March 21, 2012



Once in awhile I'm reminded of all the blessings that I have that I take for granted. We are SO blessed! We have our health, our sanity, beds to sleep in, blankets to keep us warm, air conditioning and when we need it, heat. I have a loving husband, wonderful children, food, friends, family..........the list just goes on and on!
Most of all I have a loving God who cares for me!

thousands, maybe millions of children are living in slavery, extreme poverty, or extreme circumstances- beyond anything I could ever fathom. I'm overwhelmed at the thought of the need that is out there. I'm reminded of the starfish story (if you haven't heard it google it), I'm supposed to help one child at a time. I trust that God brings us the children that we can help and in turn they bring such joy to our home. Seeing these children bloom and learn is an amazing thing to watch! Lord, what else would you like to do through me? I'm open, willing and ready!

God has taught me over the years that trying to be a blessing to others ALWAYS turns into us being blessed! God is AMAZING the way he works this out! Luke 6:38 "Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured in your lap. For the measure you use, it will be measured to you."  I feel like it's so unfair, I'm blessed beyond what I should be!

This post is for me to always remember to be thankful, for me to also remember those that need our help. What are ways you can think of for us to help ALL these children in need?

Friday, March 9, 2012


As I was getting ready to write this (or trying to figure it out, like I said I'm a technological IDIOT) we had  unexpected visitors. Sabine and I were so happy to have 2 boys that left last month stop by to say hi! Great way to brighten the spirits, to see that the kids are doing well. To keep communication with the kids as they leave is really important to me, if it's possible. This momma seems to be doing a good job with her 4 sweeties!

And onto daily communication. I give A's to a few people around here for truly being wonderful with communication. If you have good communication in your life be thankful, it's vital.

A big barrier to communication for me is the language barrier. I had a very nice Cuban man trying to give me information in English, vital information. This man was telling me where to take 2 small boys for day care. I could not understand him so after he'd say it several times I'd write down what I thought he was trying to say and he'd nod as if I was correct. So I wrote down Wall Grubb Learning Center, the man nodded. Well, there's no such thing as Wall Grubb! hmmm...... Praise the Lord that he always helps us when we are in need! While getting the clothes out for the boys I found that the 2 year old had a uniform, with the name of the day care on it! Hallalujah! Wall Grubb?? World to Grow. The sweet man was trying to say World to Grow!

Since I try to keep parents as up to date as possible I wanted this man to know his kids were okay after he left them in our care but I didn't dare call, thought texting might be a little easier on both of us:) Happy Day, the boys are back with their Poppy after 24 hours with us.

Am I saying I'm typically great at communication, no way. Just saying I've seen a dramatic increase in my frustrations with communication over this past year. Actually Matt and I had our first mis-communication about dinner this week. I was sick and I was sure he said he'd make dinner, he thought I was making part of the dinner-I wasn't. First dinner miscommunication betewen the 2 of us for the year:)

Happy Communication............

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Blast from the past

My sweet boy that left almost 4 months ago used to ask me to sing to him at bed time. Every night I would sing to him and he would laugh hysterically at me. This little man was my tough guy...... a tough guy with a huge heart! That sweet boy will forever have a piece of my heart. And that sweet giggle will be etched in my mind.

From the beginning. In March of 2011 my family moved from Iowa to South Florida to care for sweet kids while they are in the foster care system. When we arrived we had 12 kids in our home. Today we have 5 of those original 12. We have been so blessed to be able to be a part of these little ones lives.

Amazing people and crazy people here in South Florida!  We are blessed to work with some amazing women! We see them as family and they bring joy to our home.

Common sense. Common sense is fairly common in Iowa, not so much here in South Florida. Example: today I had someone knock on my door and ask for a child that was in school. She had her sister, that she picked up from school- the SAME school that her sister attends. When asked why she didn't pick them BOTH up, like usual, she didn't really have a response except one of us would have to go get the other child from the school she was JUST at. I would like to say this kind of stuff is rare but sadly it's a daily thing.

Communication. I've always had good communication with people, at least I think I have. After coming here I questioned whether I had ANY communication skills! But after talking to others I found I wasn't the only one having these troubles. Well I was called a gossip for asking if others were having trouble with communication. I'm trying to deal with this with a good attitude, a positive attitude. Being positive doesn't come naturally to me.

Communication. Have you ever had a school communicate to you the night before a concert on what to have the children wear? yeah, that was new to me.  oh but wait, they call the morning of the concert and tell you to not wear what they said last night! To wear the exact opposite. Confusing!

Overall our home runs amazingly smooth, with amazing little ones learning, growing and amazing us.  I would like to use this blog to document the funny, smart and wonderful things that the kids say and do. Seeing the kids have light bulb moments have been so worth all the craziness that goes on outside of our home.

We appreciate your prayers, there are many things we need prayer for that will never be published but we serve an amazing God that uses all things for His glory!