Thursday, September 13, 2012


I've thought a lot about babies lately. There are different reactions for everyone to an announcement of an expected arival. Mostly we all get excited about a new little one's expected arrival. There are times when a woman finds out she is expecting and the initial reaction is not excitement or joy.

I am SO excited to be attending the banquet for Agape Pregnancy Center on September 27th! These amazing women that work there get to help women and men deal with all the emotions associated with the brand new news that they are expecting and help them wade through all those feelings and thoughts racing through their minds. Agape goes over in detail ALL options and their pros and cons. They do it all in a biblical context, which I LOVE!

If you or someone you know has been looking for a biblically sound place in Des Moines to donate your time, talent or money to I'd HIGHLY recommend Agape. If you would like more information on Agape I would love to have you attend the banquet with me to learn more, or I'd love to do coffee and talk more.

This place has already touched so many lives and I can't wait to see what God has in store for the years to come!

Time flies

Almost 7 weeks have gone by since we moved back to Iowa! In 16 days we move into our new home, God willing. My heart has been the heaviest it's ever been this past 7 weeks. We've had the amazing privilege of working with children going through astounding things, things no person- especially children, should go through! My hearts cries out to God to comfort ALL the children of the world that are going through such difficult times.

Children fighting cancer. Children left with no one to care for them. Children beat. Children used as sex slaves. Children that see/hear things they should never, ever witness. Children torn from their families. Children forced to work very hard jobs with little to no food and sleep. Children pulled from their homes by the LRA and forced to kill family members and friends, to carry soldiers supplies while not getting the basics needed to survive themselves. Children left to find food in dumpsters or landfills. Children that desperately want to know they are loved but find confirmation lacking. The list goes on and on.

Lord, show us how we can help.

7 weeks ago we left 11 children and 5 amazing women at House 23. Since then 2 of the kids moved home with extended family: the newborn went to live with grandparents, our tenacious 5 year old turning 6 moved with an auntie after living at His House for almost 3 years! All the children's stories are written on my heart and  I pray God continues to work amazing things out in their little lives.

I yearn everyday to see these precious little ones and catch up with the AMAZING 5 that are caring for them! Now they have 14 children they are caring for!! Please join me in prayer that those 5 continue to be strengthened to do the job God has set before them.

As my heart has been extremely heavy it has also been rejoicing. I rejoice in knowing I'm right where God wants me to be, that I'm surrounded by awesome family & friends. I spend Sunday mornings with tears streaming down my face because I'm so overwhelmed by Our Amazing God! God is working in the lives of everyone- it's evident when we stop and look for it.

Please join me in prayer for the children of the world.